Packing for a cruise

It is possible to over pack for cruising. The biggest thing to remember to throw in your vacation suitcase is your bathing suit. You will utilize this the most. Take a nice pair of pants and couple of pairs of shorts then you can mix and match your shirts. Ladies – no need to take your entire shoe closet! Wear your flip flops on the ship, pack a pair of dress shoes/sandals and pack a pair of tennis shoes in case your shore excursion requires closed toed shoes.

Sybil Manahan Tip posted by Sybil Manahan
Take some time to get settled into your Stateroom!

Take some time once you get on your ship to unpack your suitcase. Disney’s staterooms offer plenty of drawers and storage space and you can use your empty suitcase to store dirty clothes. The beds are raised so your suitcases will slide right under!

Gen Treadway Tip posted by Gen Treadway