Hello! I live in the Seattle area with my amazing husband, and two boys! I have a passion for all things travel. I love doing research on places abroad, and really like the details of vacation planning. My favorite place is Italy, where my husband and I enjoyed for our ten year wedding anniversary. It is a magical place that took me about a year to plan for: from taking Rosetta stone to learn several levels of Italian, to reading several guide books to see what towns fit our travel needs, I loved it all. I would love to put a trip like this together for you! We are also really big fans of the west coast, where we have lived for the past three years. We have enjoyed many stay-cations, so we know the area well! Whether it’s near or far, just get out there and see the beautiful world!


Windsor, CO

Favorite Destination

Italy and the San Juan Islands, WA

Years Planning

1 years

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